Why You Should Consider a Wrongful Death Case After Losing a Loved One

wrongful death cause by the doctor

Losing a member of the family is always painful on some level. Some cases do not impact families as much as others, but there are situations where the family member who passed was a major portion of the lives of many. Regardless of whether the victim was a breadwinner with children to support or a sibling or parent, damage is done in more ways than one. Wrongful death laws have been established just for these particular situations because many times the decedent dies due to the negligence of another person or business entity. And it always takes a legal professional like Mandelbaum Fitzsimmons Hewitt & Cain Tampa FL wrongful death lawyers representing the claim for an equitable settlement.

Florida Wrongful Death Law

All states have some type of wrongful death law that governs who can file a claim and how the process works. Florida is unique in the fact that each member of the immediately family who has established standing can file a separate claim for damages that will become their personal property. Many states only allow one family representative and proceeds disbursement can be complicated. This alone means it is necessary to have solid legal counsel for any filing because cases can be difficult and strongly defended. 

One Opportunity for Financial Recovery

Just as in an auto accident claim, the outcome of the accident is permanent and other individuals can be impacted such as dependent children and spouses at the time of the accident. While many times there will be a personal injury claim associated with the death before passing, the family is the entity left behind that has been impacted most. And there is a statute of limitations for wrongful death filings just as in a personal injury claim. All affected family members only have one opportunity for financial recovery, and it is important to make that happen in a timely fashion according to Florida law.

Anyone in Florida who has lost a family member due to the negligence of another party should contact Mandelbaum Fitzsimmons Hewitt & Cain Tampa Florida wrongful death lawyers for comprehensive representation.