When people suffer losses, they turn to their insurance company to “make them whole” – even if there is some other individual who may be responsible for causing the loss. When this happens, the injured person’s insurance company will often pay the claim and “step into the shoes” of the injured person, and thereafter seek reimbursement from the responsible party. When the insurance company brings such a claim, it is “subrogated” to the legal rights that the individual insured would otherwise have had, so the claim is called a “subrogation claim.”

The attorneys at Fitzsimmons, Hewitt, Stranzl & Spaid, P.A., are committed to providing aggressive and customer-centric recovery services on subrogation claims stemming from automobile and residential property damage events. Our attorneys have developed an extensive network of qualified experts – fire investigators, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, accident reconstructionist, general contractors, and water mitigation consultants – which ensures that we are able to promptly process and meticulously analyze claims for our Clients in anticipation of pursuing recovery. While our office is fully prepared to take such claims to trial on behalf of our Clients, the attorneys at Fitzsimmons, Hewitt, Stranzl & Spaid, P.A., utilize a variety of legal solutions, including pre-litigation alternative dispute resolution approaches resolve our Client’s claims in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.