What is Considered a Serious Personal Injury?

serious personal injury

The Tampa personal injury firm of Mandelbaum, Fitzsimmons, Hewitt & Cain has the experience you need in making this critical determination. As a general matter, any injury is serious if it’s serious to you. However, injuries that result in the largest awards of financial remuneration tend to be lasting, painful, and traumatic.

But the issue can be a little more complicated than that, too.

What if my injury wouldn’t normally be ‘serious,’ but in my circumstance it effects my work–does that matter?

Absolutely. There’s a concept in American tort law known as the “egg-shell” doctrine, the egg-shell doctrine requires an injury be compensated based on the effect felt by the injured party, not what the expectation of what that effect might be. Put simply, a person with a skull as thin as an egg-shell can recover from a defendant who accidentally drops a feather on said skull–if that feather in fact causes damage.

As long as there is damage, there can be compensation.

What Are Other Kinds Of Damages?

A serious injury isn’t always a broken leg or ruptured disk. A serious injury can also result from a significant emotional trauma brought about by an accident. An injury that causes you to lose your ability to play the piano, or to sing to your children, or to otherwise enjoy your life; anything that lowers your quality of life, may be compensated.

If you need help navigating the legal system and where it intersects with seeking medical treatment for your injury, consider seeking guidance from a trained and experienced injury attorney.

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