Large Trucks and Large Injuries

Truck accident

Automobile accidents are traumatic in nature and can happen at a moment’s notice.  The stakes are raised significantly when you involve a large commercial truck into the mix. With damages, injuries, large trucks and trucking companies adding to the complications, enlisting a Tampa personal injury attorney is imperative.

The Trucking Industry

Trucking companies are under immense amounts of pressure to deliver cargo on-time to their destination and this pressure snowballs down to the individual driver. Once you factor in all the regulations within the industry (Hours of Service, Keeping an accurate logbook, etc.) the pressure is intensified. This is one of the reasons why there is so much emphasis on required insurance by the trucking industry.  The trucking company will insure their trucks (if the vehicle is a company truck versus an owner-operator), the driver will have his or her own insurance for their license and owner-operator truck, and in many cases the actual cargo being delivered will also has its’ own individual insurance.

Degrees of Negligence

Negligence in an accident happens more than you think and is the cause of a majority of accidents. A New Tampa personal injury attorney can enlist a team of researchers who can determine the cause of an accident. Questions are always a part of this investigation such as:  Was the truck driver operating beyond their hours of service? (driver fatigue), Was the truck properly maintained? (tire blowout, malfunction, etc.), Was the road in poor physical condition? (potholes in the road, failure of city road maintenance, etc.).


When you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the trucking company’s insurance carrier will often give you an offer to settle relatively quickly. You should never agree to this initial offer without consulting a credentialed South Tampa car accident attorney beforehand.  Your attorney will work on your case and show you all the options available to you in terms of settlement.  Many times, the compensation that you are entitled to is much greater than the initial settlement offer from the insurance company.

Why you should call an attorney

In an accident, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. Determining the cause, and who was at fault is no easy task. The situation can become even more complicated if people have been injured. This is why you need a skilled attorney on your side. An experienced attorney will be able to make sure you receive a fair compensation for the damages, and be able to advise you of your best options.  If you or a loved one have been injured by a negligent driver, contact a Tampa personal injury attorney at Mandelbaum, Fitzsimmons, Hewitt & Cain, P.A.