Injured in an auto accident | Why you need an attorney

Being properly compensated following an auto accident in Florida can be a difficult and frustrating experience for those who suffer injuries. Auto insurance companies can be difficult and often attempt reducing the value of injury claims even when they cannot deny them outright. This can be an issue even in a “no fault” insurance state like Florida, as personal injury protection insurance only covers up to a minimum $10,000 for injured drivers in their own vehicle as standard protection. The minimum is a relatively small amount of coverage when medical bills are evaluated, and pursuing further damages is complicated and even restricted in some cases. This is why it is always necessary to have experienced Tampa Florida car accident attorneys handling your injury claim.

Initial Insurance Company Contact
Florida auto insurance companies typically are informed of an accident quickly following the fact, and sometimes they will contact covered individuals first. While this may seem like a good faith gesture, it could be followed by a quick settlement offer before the injured victim has an opportunity to consult with a Tampa car accident lawyer regarding the claim value. This call is actually a sign that injured victims should do exactly that. Insurance company agents could record the call by company policy and use anything stated in defending an injury claim if the discussion suggests that the injury is not as serious as medical records indicate.

Extended Damages
Florida no fault insurance law restricts the amount of coverage for covered victims, and pursuing further damages for whole compensation must be approved by the state court system. There are specific rules that apply when injured victims need general damage compensation for long-term pain-and-suffering, and navigating the Florida court system requires the legal knowledge of a comprehensive South Tampa car accident lawyer when seeking equitable financial recovery.

Contact a Tampa Car Accident Attorney
Never attempt handling your own Florida accident injury claim. Get professional help with your case. Always call Mandelbaum, Fitzsimmons, Hewitt & Cain, P.A. for solid legal representation.