Who Are Considered Survivors in a Wrongful Death Accident?

wrongful death survivors

A wrongful death case generally involves both the individual who passed away by either negligence or intentional acts as well as the party responsible for such a tragedy. Instances of wrongful death or serious injury due to negligence are not only two-fold, though. In many instances, the loved ones of the deceased are forced to reckon with the actions of the responsible party and, thus, are owed compensation.

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Who are considered survivors in wrongful death or serious injury cases?
The survivors of a wrongful death suit are those who lost a loved one due to the unfortunate incident. In cases of personal injury, the individual injured along with his or her family is regarded as survivors.

When should you file a wrongful death suit?
You should file a wrongful death suit if you are living with the consequences of a family member passing away as the result of another person’s negligence or intention to harm your loved one. Every state has certain regulations regarding who has the right to file a wrongful death suit. A Valrico personal injury attorney can help you determine if you can file a case on your loved one’s behalf.

What does compensation cover?
Compensation for wrongful death may include lost wages that the deceased loved one would have earned if not for the incident. A case may also cover medical expenses that the family paid for life-saving measures leading up to their loved one’s death. A Temple Terrace personal injury lawyer can help you gather documents to present a strong case in court.

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